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[London] On the 11th of October, at Skempton Building, at Imperial College our Inspection and Production Manager, Dr. Paolo Marcassoli, Ph.D., talked about Advanced Cathodic Protection Design by Finite Element Method in a presentation organized by the Institute of Corrosion.

The speech of Paolo was supported by our Lead Materials and Corrosion Engineer at Cescor UK Dimitrios Mamalopoulos.
The presentation was focused on case histories of application of Finite Element Method (FEM) and Boundary Element Method (BEM) modelling to cathodic protection design.
The case studies was focused on Cathodic Protection of internal surfaces of above ground storage tanks and also the retrofitting of CP systems on offshore structures.

Two words about Paolo Marcassoli: he has more than ten years’ experience in materials and corrosion engineering and cathodic protection engineering gained in academic field and the onshore and offshore oil & gas industry, offshore wind, civil and infrastructures. He is Manager of business line Products since July 2012, Production Manager since August 2013 and Inspections and Production Manager since October 2014. 
He primarily carries out activities in the fields of cathodic protection design and FEM modelling, monitoring and CP inspections, corrosion control.

We are very proud about the presentation delivered by Paolo that has been considered by the audience really interesting.
Participants asked to Paolo to share slides and materials, if you want to take a look to the PDF of the presentation click here.
The "icing on the cake" was the presence of Mr Trevor Osborne who has been president of ICorr for a number of years and made a very positive conclusion to the presentation.
In the image above Mr Osborne is giving to Paolo the Icorr pen as a traditional sign for notable lifetime achievements, if you are curious about this tradition read more here.

In summary, here in Cescor we are very satisfied about our presence to ICorr, of which we are a Sustaining Member (membership no: 280884).  Our involvement with ICorr provides an excellent opportunity to meet nice people and top world companies in the corrosion scenario.

Inspection and Production Manager ing Paolo Marcassoli
Dr. Paolo Marcassoli, Ph.D.

Lead Materials and Corrosion Engineer at Cescor UK Dimitrios Mamalopoulos
Eng Dimitrios Mamalopoulos

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