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Renewable energy - Cescor join the Cluster LE2C

nessie energy cluster

Cescor faces the world of renewable energy by joining the Cluster LE2C (Lombardy Energy CLEANTECH CLUSTER), which today represents the Lombard energy and environment production system. Among the ongoing projects, Cescor follows NeSSIE (North Sea Solutions Innovation in Corrosion for Energy) which is a project which provides for the participation of companies operating in the offshore sector with innovative state-of-the-art anti-corrosion solutions.

NeSSIE - North Sea Solution Innovation in Corrosion for Energy

NeSSIE (North Sea Solutions for Innovation in Corrosion for Energy) is a 24-month European project co-founded by the European Maritime and Fisheries Fund which aims to tackle the issue of corrosion on offshore energy facilities using renewable sources such as: wind, tidal and wave energy.

Led by Scottish Enterprise, the project has 8 partners from five European countries: Scottish Enterprise (Scotland, UK), the University of Edinburgh (Scotland, UK), Sirris (Belgium), Aster (Italy), Swedish Maritime Technology Forum (Sweden), Lombardy Energy Cleantech Cluster (Italy), Basque Energy Cluster (Spain), Asturian Energy Foundation (Spain). LE2C is responsible for a project focusing on communication and dissemination and takes an active role in all of the project’s activities and initiatives.


Cescor and Cescor UK at Eurocorr 2018

cescor eurocorr 2018

The European Corrosion Congress - EUROCORR, the EFC’s annual conference, is the flagship event of the European corrosion calendar. Attracting upwards of six hundred delegates, it is held every year in September in a different European country. EUROCORR is famous for its high technical standard and its popular social programme.

Once again, Cescor Srl and Cescor UK will exhibit together at Eurocorr, ICE Congress Centre, in Krakow a world leading ocean technology marine science exhibition and conference.
Our Inspections & Production Manager, Dr. Paolo Marcassoli, Ph.D., will present his paper, titled "Internal cathodic protection of crude oil  storage tanks. Use of FEM modelling for improving galvanic anode distribution".
Paolo Marcassoli will also be present at Icorr in the next October.
The presentation will take place on Wednesday, 12th September at 15.00, in Room 3.9 

The appointment for 2019 is in Siville (Spain) from 9 to 13 September.

Genoa - Cescor at NACE 2nd Conference & Expo

Cescor will present two papers for two different technical sessions, "Failure studies in transportation and power generation" and "Cathodic Protection" at NACE 2nd Conference and Expo in Genoa, from the 27th to the 29th of May: 

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